Downloading data

Once you have access to a collection in the Radboud Data Repository (RDR), you can download its data via the web portal or via a WebDAV client, as described below. Downloading via the web portal is easiest and does not require additional software. However, it might be slower than a WebDAV client. If you find that data transfer via the web portal is too slow or if you get a timeout error, consider using a WebDAV client instead.

Downloading via the web portal

In the RDR portal, select the relevant collection by clicking on it. In the Files tab, you can download the entire collection at once as a tar.gz file, or download single folders (as tar.gz files) or files.

  1. To download all files and folders of a collection, click the button Download collection, save the tar.gz file on your computer and unzip it

  2. In the Files tab, all data folders and files of the collection are listed. To download a single file or folder, click on the download icon behind the file or folder name:


Data access via a WebDAV client

A number of WebDAV tools are available to download data from the repository, depending on your operating system. For Windows and MacOS users, we recommend using Cyberduck. Alternatively, Windows users can use YodaDrive. Linux users can mount a network drive. For users with experience in command-line tools that want to perform batch processing on large datasets, we recommend using the command-line tool Repocli.