Welcome to the Radboud Data Repository (RDR) help page. Here, you can find information on various topics regarding the RDR.

About the RDR

Would you like an introduction to what the RDR is and how it is used? Take a look at the About pages. The Introduction to the RDR page is a good starting point.

Working with the RDR

These pages are for researchers that would like to use the RDR to store or manage their data. If you would like to browse and/or access published collections or collections under review, see Visiting the RDR.

Quick start guide

If you want to start using the RDR, start with the Quick start guide.

User Manuals

Visit our user manuals for more extensive guidance in the form of step-by-step manuals.

Best Practice

The best practice pages provide you with extra information on topics like data anonymisation, data documentation and metadata, open access data sharing and more.

Visiting the RDR

Are you a visitor to the RDR and would you like to browse and/or access collections? Take a look at our visitor manual. This manual serves anyone that does not want to create or manage data collections in the RDR, but use the RDR to search for or access data collections from Radboud University's researchers or for reviewers of a manuscript the underlying data of which are stored in the RDR.

Research administrators

If you are a research administrator at one of the RDR’s Organisational Units (OUs), please visit our User Manual for Research Administrators to learn about your tasks and responsibilities and how to execute them.


If you are unable find the information you are looking for on any of the help pages, feel free to contact the RDM support team via the contact page.