Best PracticesΒΆ

The best practice pages help you use the Radboud Data Repository (RDR) in an optimal way. Archiving and sharing your research data with the RDR may benefit others and you. You can increase the findability, usability and how citable your dataset is and save yourself and others a lot of work in the future by following these best practices. For example, by adding proper documentation, you can easily see what you did in a previous study, five years ago. Read more about the importance of archiving and publishing your collections here.

In addition to explaining the benefits of archiving and publishing data, these best practices provide information about the following topics concerning data preparation:

If you want to publish a collection, we also provide information on privacy concerns and open access sharing.

For more information on RDM best practices outside the scope of the RDR, please contact the RDM support team at for Radboud University employees or for RUMC employees.