About, license, and manifest filesΒΆ

You might have noticed that your collection contains up to three files even before you transferred any data files into the collection: ABOUT.txt, LICENSE.txt (only for DSCs) and MANIFEST.txt. These empty files are created by the Radboud Data Repository upon collection creation and serve to prevent you from adding a file with the same name. They cannot be edited.

When you change the state of your collection to 'internal review', the files will automatically be populated with relevant information. The ABOUT.txt file will include information about your collection, including title, description, persistent identifier, authors and publication year. The licence file (LICENSE.txt) will contain a copy of your selected licence (for a Data Sharing Collection). The manifest file (MANIFEST.txt) allows you to check if your data have been properly transferred. These files are considered metadata of your collection and can be downloaded by anyone who is authorized to view your collection's metadata.

Note: in earlier versions of the RDR, the ABOUT.txt file was called README.txt. If your collection was created before this name change, it still contains a README.txt file and not an ABOUT.txt file.